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Due to lack of manpower a few services are suspended.
We are sorry for your inconvenience. (2018.04.04)

Previous Notes

Astronomical Data Analysis Center was reorganized to Astronomy Data Center (ADC) and Center for Computational Astrophysics (CfCA) on 2006 April 1st. Astronomical Data Center has been renamed Astronomical Data Archives Center (ADAC) (2006.5.11).

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(May 25, 2018)

About Astron. Data Archives Center

Staff Members


On-line Catalog Service
o Astronomical Catalogs / Journal Tables
o VizieR Catalogue Service ( CDS ) mirror   (Simple Version)
o FTP Service of the Whole Data of the Catalog (USNO-B1.0, GSC2.3)
Astronomical Data Archives
o SMOKA Science Archive ( SMOKA )    <= Hyper Suprime-Cam data are now released (Ver.3.7).
o Hubble Ultra Deep Field Data FTP Service
o SOAPs (Subaru Observatory Astronomical Projects) Web Server
SkyMonitor Imaging Data Service
o SkyMonitor Imaging Data Service System (Japanese Only)
Astronomical Imaging Services
o Astronomical Image On-line Access Interface ( DSS,ISSA,GBSM )
    (Basic Search + Wide Field, Input Postion List, Batch interface)
On-line Journals
o NASA Astrophysics Data System ( ADS ) mirror
o Publication of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
o Report of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Japanese only)
Useful information
o Designations of Celestial Objects ("Nomenclature" in CDS)
o JAIPA HomePage (Japanese only)
o IRAF Information <= OLD Please use Here.


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